Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation

Est. 2015

Cowlitz County Cannabis Cultivation is a cannabis company built around family. We have a small, extremely talented staff, fully transparent operations and we source the highest quality cannabis in Washington State. With three different verticals serving the needs of all proud marijuana enthusiasts, we truly have something to accommodate your every mood. Whether you appreciate hand-selected flowers, the affordable-everyday-man’s weed or you love to dab, we’re the one stop shop. We utilize butane extraction methods to provide great, affordable and beautiful dab products. We have found that by consistently educating our staff about our products, we continue to be the family-oriented marijuana resource that our cannabis connoisseurs love coming back to.



Product Lines:

Hi Guys

Marijuana made for the everyday, trucker-hat-wearing, domesticated working class.

Dab Dudes

Specializing in BHO wax and is meant for dabtastic people.

Cowlitz Gold

For those who prefer a hand-selected, indoor flower, still at an affordable price.